CSO – Commissioning Start-Up Operation



With thirty years of experience in the oil and gas sector, our founder recognized a deficiency in the training and onboarding of new talent. Recognizing the paramount importance of safety, environmental consideration, and quality training in shaping a company’s culture, he decided to engage a team of experts to swiftly achieve the goal of establishing a competitive company in the industry.

As result, CSO was founded to not only address the training gap but also to emphasise the essential roles of safety and environmental stewardship.

This dedication to quality training underpins our commitment to building a robust and responsible company culture.

Commissioning & Start up procedures

We established in 2023, comprised of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the Oil & Gas industry. Specializing in consulting services, we bring expertise in process, engineering, and production to the table. Our core strengths lie in analyzing safety and environmental aspects, identifying potential issues, and offering effective solutions. Working closely with our clients, we provide customized strategies that align with their objectives and help optimize their operations.

 By investing time and resources into our procedures development, CSO ensures that we not only meet but often exceed industry standards. Our commitment to excellence in this realm is a testament to our dedication to safety, environmental responsibility, and operational efficiency.

Empower Your Team

Unlock your team’s potential with our expert training and advice. Prioritize safety and efficiency with us. Contact us now and start your journey towards excellence.