CSO – Commissioning Start-Up Operation

A Correct Action for a Safe Result

A Correct Action for a Safe Result

A Correct Action for a Safe Result

+30 Years Experience


With 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, our founder has identified a gap in the preparation of new employees. CSO was established to offer dedicated training to fill this gap.



New company in 2023, experienced professionals in Oil & Gas. Consulting services for process, engineering, and production. Analyzing safety, environment, and optimizing operations.


CSO provides FOIP training for industrial operators, covering theory and hands-on application. The program equips participants with practical skills in pre-commissioning, startup, shutdown, maintenance, and troubleshooting for safe and efficient operations.


30 years’ experience in the oil and gas field, since 1997 when I started my adventure in this amazing word as field operator in a complex refinery, passing to panel operator, shift supervisor and then responsible for turnaround for several units. After 15 years I needed a new challenge and I decided to travel abroad (especially in Europe, North Africa and Middle East) and start working in Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-Up with people from all around the world, where I had the chance to show my skills, growing up till cover the position of Commissioning Manager and Start-Up Lead, and share with my colleagues my know-how, improving it in the same time. Now I decided to face a new challenge putting myself in first line to prepare the new generations for this wonderful job, making easily their start. Moreover, I offer myself as advisor for Companies that need a professional and prepared person that can help to solve issues improving production and process parameters. My goal is to prepare teams that can work in a professional a safe manner.


Are you ready to elevate your team’s performance and safety standards? With our extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, we provide comprehensive training, professional advice, and detailed procedural support to help your team operate efficiently and safely.

Contact us today and let’s work together to ensure your team is:

At CSO, your team’s safety and performance is our priority.